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Littleport Boat Haven MOORING AGREEMENT & TERMS OF BUSINESS 11 th  edition Gary J Andrews T/A Littleport Boat Haven Littleport Boat Haven, Lynn Road, Littleport, Ely, Cambs, CB6 1QG Tel:  01353 863763 Email: THESE TERMS OF BUSINESS APPLY TO ALL CONTRACTS FOR WORK AND FACILITIES OR GOODS  UNDERTAKEN  1 Interpretation 1.1 in these terms unless the context requires otherwise   LBH means Gary J Andrews T/A Littleport Boat Haven its successors and assigns and any of its employees, agents or other        persons  authorised by LBH to act on its behalf. M ar  i n a    m ea  ns   the    m ar  in ,   mo o i g s    nd   a ll    s u h   oth r    w t e r    sp a e    a nd   l nd   ss o i t d   with   the    m ar  ina    nd   w it in   L B H ' s    o nt ol.   O w n r   m ea  ns   the    p e o n s)    o r    e nti y   n m d   s   O w n e r    in    t h se    T e m s    a nd   in lud s   a n   m l y e    o f    the    O w n e r ,   uth o is d   g nt    o r   a    p er  son   in   h r g e   o f    the   V s s l    w ith    the    O w n e ' s    p m is ion o r    a y   oth r    p er  son with a  r  i g ht    in the   V ss l; Vessel means the vessel named in these Terms (or one that is substituted for it with LBH's prior written consent) and includes its gear or  equipment or other goods (whether belonging to the Owner or not). 1. Owners Obligations    2.1. The Owner warrants that he/she is either the lawful owner, or the authorized agent of the lawful owner of the Vessel and any other party who is or may become interested in the Vessel. The Owner warrants that he accepts these Terms not only for himself, but  also as authorized agent for and on behalf of the lawful owner of the Vessel and any other person who is or may become interested in the vessel · The Owner must provide to LBH in writing, details of the Owner's current residential address. This address must be a · different address to the address of the Marina. The Owner shall be obliged to produce evidence to LBH of  · such home address within seven days of a request to do so. · The Owner must notify LBH in writing of the details of any change of names of the Vessel or change of address  · or telephone number or email address . 1. PARKING, BERTHS, MARINA & ANIMALS 3.1.    O w n er  s   r e    r qui r d    o    p ar  k    th i r    a s      in    s u h    a    p o it o n    a nd    in    su h    m nn r    s   s h ll,    f o m   t m e    to    t m ,    be    di r ec  t d    y   L B H,    O w n er  s   r e    n o t    p m i t d    to    p k   th ir    c ar  s    a t    the    M a ina    o r    a    o ntin o s    p e ri  o d    o f    th e e    w ee  ks    o r    m o e    without    w itt n   o ns nt.    L B H    a e   uth o ri  s d    w it o t    o ti e    to    mo v e    a y   a r    o r    t ra  il r    a t    the    isk    o f    the    O w n e r ,    obt ining    o rc  ible    nt y   into    the   a r    if    n c ss y    o r    su h   pu p o s ,    without    b i g    li ble    o r    a y    d m g e    th e re  y    o c s o n d.    L B H    will    t k e    ll    r ea  s o n ble    st ps   o    o nt ac  t    O w n e s    p i o r    to    a tt m pti g   o r ible    e nt y .   All    c ar  s    p a k d  b  y    O w n er  s    t    the    M ar  ina    must    be    su t b y t x d    o r    use    on the  r  o ds. 3.2. The car park is intended for cars belonging to Owners and their guests only; boat trailers may only be parked for short periods as agreed by LBH from time to time. No other boats, vehicles, caravans, tents, equipment, tools or sundry items may be parked, stored or used in the car  park or elsewhere on the premises under any circumstances unless written permission is obtained from LBH. 3.3. No fires or disposal of rubbish other than as agreed by LBH will be permitted. 3.4. LBH Only Provides Rubbish Bins For  Food & Drink Waste  & does not provide facilities for the disposal of any other Rubbish in the Marina. Owners must take all rubbish away when leaving the Marina. 3.5. All persons using any part of the Marina or facilities including plant and equipment for whatever purpose, and whether by invitation or  otherwise, do so entirely at their own risk. 3.6. Fishing from the Marina is restricted to Owners of Vessels only unless otherwise authorised by Gary J Andrews. Fishing is forbidden from the Marina at anytime out of season. Fishing in the Marina basin is only permitted from dawn till dusk unless otherwise  authorised by Gary J Andrews. All reasonable precautions will be taken to avoid nuisance and or annoyance to other berth-holders and the Owner or authorised person shall take full responsibility for any damage, debris howsoever caused. LBH reserve  the right to refuse or withdraw permission for whatever reason. 3.7. No mooring or fishing is permitted in or immediately adjacent to the entrance to the Marina from the river unless  otherwise authorised by Gary J Andrews. 3.8. Dog and Cat owners will ensure that all animals are kept under control at all times and should they cause nuisance or nno y n c e    th y    r e    o    b e    r m o v d    fr  om    the    M ar  ina    m m di t el  y .    D o gs    nd    C ts    a e    o y    p er  mitt d    t    the    O w n er  ' s    i k    a nd   li bi i y    nd k pt    r st r in d   with   the    use    o f    a    l e d   t   ll   t m s   wh n   n o t    s ec  u r d   with   n   O w n er  ' s    V ss l   o r    V hi l ,   nd   m y   a t   y   t m e    b e    e us d    o n o    the   M ar  in .    No oth r    a n m ls    s h ll    b e    b o ught    on o    t h e    M ar  i n .   All    Dog    o w n er  s    r e    o b i g d    to    l ea  n    up    a t e r th ir    dog h s    o ul d in the    M a in . 3.9. Berths shall not be loaned, transferred or used by any other Vessel whatsoever and any berth shall be occupied only bythe Vessel in whose name  it is booked. 3.10. Nothing in these Terms shall entitle an Owner to the exclusive use of a particular berth. 3.11. No part of the Marina or Vessels moored there shall be used by Owners or any other persons for any commercial purpose  whatsoever including hiring, embarkation or charter parties, sale or demonstration of craft. 3.12. No permanent residential use of any Vessels is permitted on the Marina. 3.13. All property belonging to any Owner or Vessel must be stored within the confines of the Vessel and may not be stored anywhere  on the premises This includes any picnic tables, chairs and BBQ. 3.14. Owners may not fix any item to quay headings or pontoons, including fenders and rubbing strakes unless  otherwise authorized by Gary J Andrews, TV aerials or satellite dishes, or place any carpets/mats or potted plants thereon. 3.15. Owners are required to stow within the confines of their Vessel any anchors which are usually mounted on the bow of their Vessel. 3.16. Inflated dinghies are required to be stowed on or in a Vessel and not in the Marina basin or on the property whilst not visiting the Marina. 3.17. Any item such as inflatable dinghies which are attached to a vessel shall be deemed to increase the Length Overall Actually Measured of the Vessel and be charged accordingly subject to current mooring fees. 3.18. Owners are required to remove or retract any davits where possible whilst not visiting the Marina. 3.19. Owners may not keep any tenders within the Marina basin or on the property without prior consent from LBH 3.20. Owners may not store tenders, small boats etc. their trailers and/or related property except without prior consent from LBH and only in such areas as defined by LBH from time to time. LBH reserves the right to apply storage charges to such items and refuse or withdraw permission for whatever reason. 3.21. LBH reserves the right to remove, sell or dispose of any property in accordance with Clauses 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.18 and 3.19 in its absolute discretion and the Owner shall pay for any time and/or amounts incurred by LBH in the carrying out of this Clause. 1.VESSEL MOVEMENT 4.1 LBH reserves the right to move any Vessel, gear, equipment or other goods at any time for reasons of  safety, security or good management of the business 5. CHARGES & PAYMENT 5.1 ALL Vessels moored at the marina are subject to current mooring fees for services as notified to all Owners from time to time. Mooring fee rates are based on either the length of berth to which a Vessel has been assigned or cost per unit of length whichever is the greater and charged at LB current Mooring rates , with a minimum of 6.06 metres or 20 feet, and rounded up to the nearest whole foot. 5.2. LBH reserves the right to charge normal mooring fees when a Owner uses the facilities with or without their vessel  or their Vessel is being repaired or overhauled, whether on its mooring or elsewhere on the Marina or if removed from the berth for such repairs. 5.3. All mooring fees are  due in advance payable annually as agreed from commencement of the mooring agreement  5.4. All payments Can be made by PreferablBacs, or cheque  made payable To Littleport Boat Haven 5.5. Unless otherwise agreed by LBH the price of all work, goods and services carried out by  LBH to any Vessel shall become due immediately on invoice date. 5.6. Owners shall be liable to pay LBH for  all electricity used by the Owner  and such electricity charges shall be payable on demand by invoice. . 5.7. Time of payment shall be of the essence. 5.8. Where an Owner delays in payment for more than 14 days the Owner will incur a late payment charge and each 14 day period thereafter. 5.9. LBH reserves the right to charge interest on the outstanding amount at 7% over HS BC Bank Plc base rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment of overdue amount. 6. ELECTRIC SHORE POWER POINTS  6.1 Electric shore power points are available to certain moorings only and will be charged at a  separate rate 7. ESTIMATES 7.1. In the absence of express agreement to the contrary our price for work shall be based on time and materials expended and services provided. 7.2. When LBH shall exercise reasonable skill and judgment when giving an estimate or indication of price whether in writing or orally. Such estimates are subject always to the accuracy of information provided by the Owner and are usually based only on a superficial examination and will not include the cost of any additional repairs or work found necessary to the Vessel and/or gear or equipment during the work nor the cost of any extensions to the work comprised in the estimate. 7.3. LBH will inform the Owner promptly of any proposed increase in estimated prices and the reasons therefore and will only proceed with the work or supply with the approval of the Owner. The Owner shall remain responsible for cost of labour and materials already supplied or remaining to be supplied which are not affected by the proposed increase in price. Owners will be required to Give Written Consent by letter or email authorising any works to be undertaken on their behalf_ All reasonable efforts will be made by LBH to obtain a signature from Owners or  written/emailed consent. In the absence of an Ownerwritten/emailed consent Owners will  not be liable for any variations in cost arising. 8. USABILITY 8.1. All persons using any part of the Marina premises or facilities for whatever purpose and whether by invitation or otherwise do  so at their own risk any injury or damage to person or property sustained within the Marina premises or facilities was caused by or resulted from LBH's negligence or dehberate act 8.2. LBH shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable  control (such as extreme weather conditions, the actions of third parties not employed by user any defect in any part of an Owner's or third party's  vessel); this extends to loss or damage to vessels, gear, equipment, vehicles or other goods left with LBH for repair or storage, and harm to persons entering its premises or using any of its facilities or equipment. 8.3. LBH shall take all reasonable and proportionate steps having regard to the nature and scale of its business to maintain security at its premises, and to maintain its facilities and equipment in reasonably good working order. Subject to this and in the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty, vessels, gear, equipment, vehicles or other goods are left with LBH at the Owner's own risk and the Owner should ensure that their own  personal and property insurance covers such risks. 8.4. LBH shall not be under any duty to salvage or preserve a Vessel or other property from the consequences of any defect in the Vessel or property concerned unless LBH shall have been expressly engaged to do so by the Owner on commercial terms. Similarly LBH shall not be under any duty to salvage or preserve  an Owner's Vessel or other property from the consequences of an accident which has not been caused by LBH's negligence or another breach of  duty on LBH's part. However LBH reserve the right to do so in any appropriate circumstances, particularly where a risk is posed to the safety of  people, property or the environment. Where LBH do so, it shall be entitled to charge the customer concerned on a normal commercial basis. 8.5. Owners shall indemnify LBH against all losses or damages claimed against LBH or its employees or agents caused by an Owner, their crew or  their vessels and while the vessel or other property is on Marina premises or is being worked on by LBH. The Owner shall be obliged to maintain adequate insurance, including third party liability cover for not less than £2,000,000, and, where appropriate, Employers' liability cover in respect of any employee to at least the statutory minimum. The Owner shall be obliged to produce evidence to LBH 9. LIEN 9.1. LBH has a general lien to detain and hold onto the Vessel or any other property at anytime whilst in or on the Marina pending payment by the  Owner of any sums actually due at any time to LBH from the Owner on any account whatsoever, whether relating to rental, storage, permission,  access, berthing charges, work done or otherwise. LBH shall be entitled to charge the Owner for storage and the provision of any on-going services at our normal daily rates until actual payment (or provision of security) by the Owner and removal of the Vessel or property from the  Marina. The Owner shall at any time be entitled to remove the Vessel or other property upon providing to LBH proper security, for example by a  letter of guarantee from a Bank reasonably acceptable to LBH or lodgement of a cash deposit with a professional third party agent or with the  British Marine Federation, sufficient to cover the debt with interest and, where the debt is contested, a reasonable provision for LBH's prospective  legal costs. This right does not affect the customer's entitlement to withhold a proportionate part of the price in respect of alleged defects but  where that amount is in dispute the customer shall be required to provide security for the full amount pending resolution of the dispute. 9.2. LBH shall be entitled to, on at least 28 days' notice in writing to the Owner, to sell or dispose of or deal with the Vessel or any other property as agent for, and at the expense of, the Owner and apply the proceeds in or towards the payment of such sums. Any such sale shall be on the basis of a reasonable offer immediately available, which may or may not amount to as much as the Owner may believe the Vessel or any other property to be worth in any  specialist market place. LBH may or may not, in its absolute discretion, advertise the Vessel for sale. 9.3. LBH shall, upon accounting to the Owner for any balance remaining after payment of any sum due to LBH, and for the cost of sale and disposal and/or  dealing (including any legal costs) be discharged of any liability whatsoever in respect of the Vessel. 9.4. In respect of Vessels which are sold or  exchanged whilst currently holding a berth, either with or without a completed mooring agreement, the Owner shall be liable for the charge of  yard commission of 1% + VAT of the gross sale figure. In the absence of confirmation of the gross sale figure the commission will be assessed on an average current valuation. This commission will be waived if the Purchaser continues the mooring on a new annual contract agreed with LBH.  Three months' notice of termination of contract will be applicable. 10. TERMINATION 10.1. LBH shall have the right (without prejudice to any other rights in respect of breaches of these Terms by the Owner)  to terminate the mooring agreement provided that it shall give the Owner not less than three months' prior written notice. 10.2. LBH shall have the right (without prejudice to any other rights in respect of breaches of these Terms by the Owner) to immediately terminate  the mooring agreement in the event of any Owner 10.2.1. failing to make any payment due to LBH pursuant to these Terms; 10.2.2. breaching these terms and, where the breach is capable of remedy the Owner fails to remedy the breach within 14 days of LBH serving notice on the Owner  specifying the breach. 10.2.3. acting in manner LBH considers, in its absolute discretion, to be anti-social (including loud and excessive use of foul  language). 10.2.4. causing an irreconcilable disagreement between another berth holder. 10.2.5. bringing LBH into disrepute as determined by  LBH in its absolute discretion. Upon such termination, LBH may serve notice on the Owner requiring them to remove their Vessel within 14 days after receipt of notice. LBH may, in its absolute discretion, view any entitlement by an Owner to a refund of any unexpired proportion of the  payment pro-rated as forfeit. On failure to remove the Vessel at the expiration of the said 14 days LBH shall have the right to remove the Vessel from the Marina and to charge the Owner with the cost of doing so. Similar provisions shall apply in respect of vehicles and trailers. 10.3- The Owner shall give not less than three months prior written notice (or three months fees in lieu of notice) before withdrawal of a Vessel from the moorings at the Marina for  whatever reason. 10.4. In the event of termination of the hiring of the berth, in accordance with Clause 9.1 above, LBH does not offer any refund for any reason   10.5. On the day of departure the Owner should immediately return any Items that belong to LBH. 11. GUARANTEES 11.1. Advice on whether a customer is "a consumer" or otherwise protected by some or all of the consumer protection  legislation in force in the United Kingdom may be obtained from any local Trading Standards Office, the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Office of  Fair Trading or any firm of Solicitors (who may charge). Online guidance may be obtained at the Government's Consumer Gateway website at http:/ 11.2. Where an Owner is also a consumer he has certain minimum statutory rights regarding the return of defective goods and claims for  losses. These rights are not affected by these Terms. 11.3. In addition to the statutory and other rights provided by English law LBH guarantee our  work for a period of 12 months from completion against all defects which are due to poor workmanship or defective materials supplied by us. LBH shall be liable under this guarantee only f